Arabic literature analysis to the Department of Arabic Language questions In the College of Basic Education in the light of the cognitive domain of Bloom's Taxonomy levels


All countries in the world know by educational system which contain many.people who can develop the society by using the testing tools which make us take asicentific decisions because the testing in very important in educational system.the testing produation is usedmany tools opinions and the most formal way is the testing itself.Ito is the way which we know the student ablity by standhng on the educational aims.on the testing and problems with it.we can know the way way which wake the educational system in its suitable shape.the of this research is solving the questionntains of Arabic literature in Arabic departmen in orginal education colloge olcpends on classivcation of bloom.this research contains the testing questions of Arabic literature in the original education colloge in al kufai university in (2012-2013). This research contains (44) questions for all four stages.the reasearcher used mang ways to solving depending on bloom the are(know lodge, comperhation ,solving ,testing ,shaphng, and orhers) the reaseaecher know the following.the know loge takes a big marks in testing of Arabic auestion in literature is 61% and the comperahesion is 18% ,the shaping and decorating is 4.5% and the testing is 4.5% but the depending takes nothing.depevding in these aherea searc her says the following we must make the testing of Arabic literature in bloom must emphsis in their aims of the ways and said in the all the lessons in Iraq isnversisties make such testing.