Folkloric Reading in the popular Egyptian birthdays (historical study)


Anthropology scholars consider that religious and magic is part of what they call the ideological format, and the format is intended Baloadlogi beliefs that explain the nature of man's relationship to the universe, practices and rituals related to these beliefs. Echelon is the ideological kind permission.Religion is defined as a liaison group of people and their participation in one doctrine and ritual transactions and homogeneous. While known religious passion as a humanitarian passion in essence, before it is a social emotion, but they do not grow and realized only if embodied in the religious body, and espoused population or humanitarian groups involved in the introduction and delivery requirements of the idea and faith, and took into account the rituals and decrees and the Bmujbat their faith, and Here we see the character of collective interdependence in the sacred area that is the essence of the religious order and the place of religion.Popular recipe as evidenced here on a form of behavior which the group involved to varying degrees. People's life and where there is always the human subject as a carrier of culture in his thinking or his feelings or his actions to the authority of the community and heritage.The idea of ​​search to include four axes include folklore of Egypt, studied the first axis bride-born spirit of Egypt, and the second axis generator and the owner is present, "read the folkloric in Coptic fairs", while the inclusion of the third axis fairs popular in Matrouh, and cared fourth axis by birth and eternal in the context of the oases celebrations . And this may be between researcher Brief People born in some regions of Egypt.