The impact of the regional administrative decentralization in the promotion of democracy and human rights


It maintains administrative organization in modern states the unity and cohesion of the state, and the involvement of citizens of the regional administrative units of its subsidiaries, directly in the management of local affairs within the geographical borders, through the adoption of regional administrative decentralization style. So most of the constitutions and administrative legislation seeks to find a balance between the central authorities of the state, local authorities and their constituent administrative units.And it has become a regional administrative decentralization style of the most important and most successful EDM administrative units in the methods of the modern state, which has led to its adoption by the majority of countries in the world, whether those nations, simple or complex.For this method relationship proportional to the question of strengthening the mechanisms or real democracy means, and to meet human rights material and moral requirements, through investigation or the completion of development and prosperity within the regional administrative unit, resulting from the systematic planning and investment is better diversified or those allocated to them from the central government resources to their own resources within the framework of the annual general budget.As it has been associated with the development of regional decentralized management style directly proportional to the evolution and complexity of the functions of the modern state, which provided it with this management style smoothness and ease the transfer of many functions of the framework of the central government to frame governments or local administrations.And it is a regional decentralized management style of one of the methods by which the distribution of the terms of reference administrative function between the central government and local councils elected in the regional administrative units of its subsidiaries, with the performance of those terms of reference by the local governments and councils elected under the supervision or control of the central government's executive branch , or that such control be imposed by the national parliament of the state, this type of control is the best and most effective because it is practiced by any of the representatives of the people by the legislature.


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