Using exercises size of the actual performance of the competition and its impact on the performance of some of the defensive moves of individual handball.


The research includes five sections, the first section has explained the importance of research and problem centered in the levels of training of young handball players in the country and that Atoizi size of the movements of the player to play during the games of his career. The study aimed to prepare the physical exercises and skill-sized actual performance of the handball competition and used in the preparation of young players, and get to know the impact of these exercises in the development of the performance level of defensive moves among a sample of individual research.The second section has touched on some aspects of the theory explaining them briefly.The researchers used in Part III: the experimental method is the same group, and the sample was represented by my players club SoC young people, who are (15) players. I have been using some defensive skills tests to evaluate the performance level of the individual movements of defense. After extracting the results using statistical bag (spss), researchers concluded:1 - The existence of significant differences between the two measurements pre and post in favor of the post test.2 - used to exercise a positive influence in the development of the performance level of defensive moves individual handball (the youth). The researchers recommended the adoption of exercises used in the preparation of programs for handball players young people to raise the level of physical and skill.As well as the adoption of the principle of gradual increase of the volumes in the early stages of training to prepare youth.