Relationship moment of inertia of the parts guy Alraklh accurately performance Skill scoring football for halls


Longer each skill or game perfect artistic performance where the aim of all educational and training processes to get the player to the typical performance, which includes dimensions kinetics Biomechanical There is no doubt that the preparation of the player to accomplish the technical performance of the task in which the effectiveness of the advantage of a degree of difficulty, especially in technique skill scoring football accuracy the galleries, which requires working in this area to do a study of the parts that have a direct impact on the nature of the technical performance in order to achieve mastery in a perfect and accurate .The study aimed to: 1 - identify the nature of the performance of the skill of scoring football accuracy and moment of inertia of the man's leg Alraklh. 2 - Understand the nature of performance skill scoring football and moment of inertia of the foot guy Alraklh accuracy.I have used the descriptive approach style survey to resolve the problem of search and included a sample search players South Oil club football for galleries 2014 - 2015 m and totaling (5) players, has been conducting the main experiment to search on 18/09/2014 AD at exactly three and a half hours and the indoor hall for sports club south oil in the province of Basra.Was reached the following conclusions: 1 - The presence of a significant correlation relationship between the variables of moment of inertia of the man's leg Alraklh performance and skill scoring football halls of a sample search accuracy. 3. The failure to achieve the required accuracy during the performance of the skill of scoring. The recommendations were: 1 - The need to correct the wrong performance to reach the desired level of accuracy.