Periodontal consideration for patients with fixed orthodontic appliance in Ramadi city


Fixed orthodontic appliances facilitate plaque accumulation and the consequent development of generalized moderate hyperplastic gingivitis . This longitudinal study was to assess the periodontal health of the patients undergoing orthodontic treatment in Ramadi city.Materials and Methods: A clinical study was conducted by Examining 208 first molars 108 with labial bond and 100 with band. Teeth with orthodontic bands, 58of them cemented with glass ionomer cement (Ketac-Cem, Espe, Germany)& 42 cemented with glass inomer cement with chlorohexidin diglunate in 18% , thenthe plaque index, gingival index & Pocket depth were measured on the first molars. Results: during orthodontics treatment Plaque and Gingival indices and Pocket depth was significantly higher than in pre &post treatment .Adolescents showed more plaque accumulation and gingival inflammation than adults the Plaque and Gingival indices and Pocket depth were all significantly higher for banded maxillary and mandibular molars than for the analogous bonded molars. This study show the band cemented with glass inomer cement only is highly significant in Plaque and Gingival indices and Pocket depth than cemented with chlorohexidine glass inomer cement.The findings of this study are predicated on the delivery of preventive periodontal treatment in conjunction with orthodontic treatment to prevent the anticipated periodontal destruction.