Effect of hypertension on diabetic peripheral neuropathy


Back ground: Two groups of diabetic patients ((the first include 20 patients
complaining from diabetes mellitus alone, and the second include patients that
complain from both hypertension and diabetes mellitus)) were included in this
study. These patients were chosen((from a large number of patients, with a proved
diagnosis, that are referred to the neurophysiology unit from the department of
medicine)) to be of the same age group and gender, so that any of these two factors
can no longer be a source of any possible error in the results.
Patients & methods: The electrophysiological tests that were done to all of our
patients include: sensory latency and sensory amplitude for the ulnar and sural
nerves, also the distal motor latency, motor conduction velocity and motor
amplitude for both ulnar and common peroneal nerves.
Results: The results show that the second patient group is affected more by the
peripheral neuropathy and their neuropathy was widely spread and its underlying
cause is the worse.
Conclusions: results indicate that hypertensive disease increase the deterioration of
the peripheral nerve function in diabetic patients.