Regional powers in the Middle East and its role in the new US strategy to fight implementation of Terrorism for year 2014


Analysis and display of power and strategies regional players linked to two benefits: The first relates to the prediction of the extent of their goals harmony with the goals of the US strategy to fight terrorism, the 2014 and the second related to the future of the Middle East, which suffers from the absence of an officer with the rules of engagement and cooperation between regional forces system. Roles are operations implement the agreed tasks of each party in the equation of regional and that reflect the behavior of the units or states set the region about what position within the region or outside line in his power under the overall strength criteria for each state and its strategy of regional laid down as a poignant or peripheral countries in the temple regulatory region. The Middle East is today the theater to direct the fight against international terrorism. The strength of regional Turkey, and Iran, and the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt, and Israel, there are no agreements or understandings among themselves to harmonize their goals with the goals of the new US strategy for 2014. Find analyze and predict according to the logic geostrategic this issue.