Economical Efficiency of Agricultural Projects of Fish in Governorate of Anbar


The comparison between investing substitutes and the choice of the best one by using the criteria of economical efficiency would be the most important requirements to succeed the universal economical development. The scientific and guiding establishments have an important role to enlighten the farmers with high efficient methods and techniques by researches and studies fulfilled in this field. Our own research aims to compare between pisciculture by using clayey pools and pisciculture by using floating cages. 25 samples of clayey pools and 7 samples of floating cages have been selected to test which one of these two methods to be more efficient. It is concluded that pisciculture by using floating cages is more efficient since it presents too high net profits, the period of recovery is short relatively, and the rate of inner profit is more than the common interest rate. Generally, according to the criteria of commercial and economical evaluation, the agricultural projects of fish are considered the projects that have excellent economical utility and we advise to increase the investment in these projects and in their variable kinds