Evaluation The Quality of Raw and Treated Water for Number of Water Treatment Plants in Baghdad, Using a Water Quality Index


Laboratory tests were conducted to evaluate the quality of drinking water on some water treatment plants in Baghdad (AlKarkh, Shark Dijla, AlWathba, and Alkramh), the samples taken from raw (Tigris River) and treated water. The measurements of some physical and chemical properties taken every month and for eight years in order to evaluatethe drinking water quality and efficiency of these plants. The quality of drinking water was calculated byusing Canadian model index (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment) in water quality evaluation, as contributed thirteen variables in the index calculation: the temperature of the water, turbidity, pH, total hardness (as CaCO3), magnesium, calcium, sulfate, iron, fluoride, Nitrate, chloride, color and conductivity. The sampleswere taken from the treatedwater that outside from the plant from 2005 to 2013. The study showed that the range of water quality index for raw water is (51-57) and can be classified as a bad water and needs advanced treatment, while the water quality index of treated water was (86, 81,80,80) for (AlKarkh, Shark Dijla, AlWathba andAlkramh) respectively. The water quality index of treated water of (AlKarkh, Shark Dijla, AlWathba and Alkramh) can be classified as Category II ( good).