Since Iraq possesses human and material resources required for agricultural development, if it is properly invested, to achieve self-sufficiency. The Research depended on the analysis of Cobb-Douglas production function for broiler chickens in Anbar province, a functional analysis, Bladavh to assess the technical competence and capacity efficiency by using the model Aledjala for a group of broiler breeders in Anbar province. The estimated coefficient signals here consistent with what is expected, according to the logic of economic theory, and was significant at the level (1%), as well as the function as a whole were significant at the level of (1%). A value of the coefficient of determination (R2) was that (92%) of the variation in the production of broiler chickens is due to variation in the independent variables (labor and capital). Elasticity of production for variable work amounted to (0.2%), a positive value and this means that the increase in the work item by (1 %) leads to increased production by 20% and unit, assuming the stability of other factors. As for the capital it is noted that the value of the elasticity of this resource was (0.88%) unprecedented positive signal which indicates the increase in capital by (1%) leads to an increase in total output by (088%). Total elastic ties which are the sum of productivity elastic ties was (1.08) which means they show Constant returns to scale. The results of the technical efficiency indicators, showed that the average technical efficiency of the study sample was 0.88 for the constant to scale, size, and 0.98 for the variable capacity of size, while the average size efficiency reached 0.90. These results showed the misuse of economic resources by 12%, that is the possibility to reduce the use of resources to achieve the same output current level, on the other hand the capacity result showed that four farms have achieved economic size optimization 7%, while 93% of the broilers farmers work on increasing to scale stage which means there is a possibility to increase production in light of the existing means and without increasing the use of scarce economic resources.