Histopathological study of the effect of the laser on the osteoblast cells during mandible defect in Rabbits


The present study clarified the efficiency of low laser power on the osteoblast cells during healing process of the mandible defect in rabbits. In 18 rabbits bone defect carried out by drilling 5 mm, then the animals were divided to two equal group 9 rabbits in each, in control group, rabbits still without any treatment, wears the second group underwent irradiated laser power 805 nm during 5 minute after the surgical operation at interval of 72 hours along two weeks. The histological examination shows that the laser power affect on the osteoblast cells during healing processing on days (7, 21, and 28) post operation the irradiated group than in control group. The conclusion, the low laser power was affected positively on healing process on the osteoblst cells. During increase in number, proliferation, and migration, and activation in bone formation.