This paper deals with the attraction and repulsion properties of the magnetic field of permanent magnets in order to produce reciprocating motion in a member of magnetizing material. The essential idea of this work have started by putting a string of eight magnets type (Nd Fe 35) spaced by equal spaces placed on the axis between two series of same magnet type each string consists of nine magnets pieces spaced apart vacuum. Series of internal and external were organized with different opposite polarity north and south that created a series of free movement of internal series between the two external strings. First of all, designed magnetic motor rectal movement consisting of two fixed (for external strings) and one moving part (Series Interior) analysis was done and its operation was analyzed. In addition, equations that describe the magnetic field arising from the moving part were modified by using two-dimensional computer model. The (femm) program was used for modeling the distribution of density, and DS Solid Works program to study and calculate the magnetic flux density, field strength and torque generated.