Effected Elctronic management in smart card


card the Central Bank Iraqi /Nineveh, and in the way that it enable the organization surveyed to support it performance through the use of this technology in their work.researcher found an approach to the formation of the limits of the problem : - Does the administration contribute to facilitate the recruitment of electronic smart card in organization studied ? the researcher adopted by a model hypothetical for the to search which reflects the content of the hypothesis search that started from the recognition of the existence of correlation and impact between the research variables (electronic management and smart card) the researcher hired to a number of statistical techniques (duplicates, multiple regression ,cluster analysis) of data collected using the questionnaire. After analyzing the data the researcher reached same conclusions namely :there is not a correlation and found significant effect between the management and electronic in smart card, Based on these findings the researcher offered a number of proposals, including :in The organization studied provides surveyed infrastructure work smart card (international communication networks, Internet, databases) including access to the possibility to update the data at any time and continuously and perform calculations.