Employing the Organizational Storytelling as an entrepreneurial methodology to Share


This research discusses the essence of entrepreneurial organizations, especially the big ones, through their ability to employ Knowledge Management (KM) methodologies in order to share best practices and lessons learned about managing the various and diverse organizational resources efficiently and effectively. So, the research problem lies in the real challenge about employing Organizational Storytelling (OS) as an entrepreneurial methodology and as an ideal way to invest in the new and creative ideas and knowledge. As a result, OS will helps organizations to motivate its individuals, working groups and teams, and other stakeholders in order to share these ideas and knowledge, besides taking the actions that would reduce the risks and seize the opportunities through the promotion of trust and loyalty for stakeholders in their organizations. The case study methodology was used through the in-depth study in the dimensions of phenomenon about the Islamic Development Bank as a sample of this research. This in-depth study has been come in the framework of the content analysis of the letters of the President of bank, as well as to find the patterns of storytelling and its trends employed. The study has reached several conclusions, the most important of which: OS works as an entrepreneurial methodology adopted by the bank to help enterprises and individuals in developing the relations among their concepts in a joint framework which govern by the values and beliefs of those enterprises and individuals. This joint framework helps in building organizations and teams who are guiding and pushing them to feel strongest (agreement heart and mind) to change the economy and society. In addition, the research recommends Iraqi and Arab organizations to attention with appropriate preparation for telling stories, besides taking the considerations of audience and the purpose of the story. As a final result, this attention will lead to develop an effective narrative which in turn achieves the desired results across the entire gamut of organizational diversity.