Nurse’s Knowledge and Attitudes toward Cancer Pain Management at Baghdad Hospitals


Objectives: The present study aims to assess Nurse’s Knowledge and Attitudes toward Cancer Pain Management at Baghdad Hospitals.Methodology: Descriptive study was conducted during the period from December 29th 2014 to July 1st 2015. The sample was selected purposive (non probability) of 95 nurses from Al –Amal National Hospital for Cancer Management and Baghdad Teaching Hospital. The study instrument consisted of two major parts constructed for the purpose of the study (socio-demographic characteristic and Knowledge and Attitudes Survey Regarding Pain (KASRP).Reliability of the questionnaire form was determined through a pilot study while the content validity of the questionnaire was determined through a panel of experts; and collected data from 30th of March to 10th of May2015. The data were analyzed by used descriptive statistics (frequencies, percentages, mean, S.D), inferential statistical analysis (correlation coefficient and chi- square test,).Results: Results of the study showed that, the knowledge and attitudes towards pain management were poor. The correct answer rate for the entire scale, on average, was 37.4%, ranging from (9.5% to 82.1%), And found that (7.4%) of nurses score were more than 50%, and (92.6 %) of nurses score were less than 50% level, In socio-demographic characteristics has no significant relationship with knowledge and attitudes, about cancer pain management, while training session in cancer pain management out Iraq has found significant differences at (P value < 0.05).Conclusion: The study concluded that, the knowledge and attitudes of nurses in oncology units towards the toward cancer pain management is unaccepted to the importance of the patient’s disease.Recommendation: The researcher recommends the establishment of regular courses for nurses about pain control and conduct studies on the impact of cancer pain treatments for the long term and activating pain measurement chart.