Clinical review of 26 patients, restoring and contouring the facial bone lost and symmetry by 4 different types of inert alloplastic material alternative to bone graft surgery


Bone graft surgery is the ideal treatment to restore the aesthetic contour of the lost bone in facial injuries; it is the treatment of choice. 26 patients being operated at our center, to restore the bones lost and the facial symmetry by different types of Alloplastic implant, the Proplast implant which a new modified inert alloplastic implant being used in 12 patients to construct the zygomatic bone, chin and nasal bones lost. The patients were in a poor general health and were medically contraindicated to bone graft surgery or refused such surgery. Post traumatic condylar hyperplasia is a rare condition (syndrome), causes facial asymmetry, together with malocclusion of the teeth. Mandibular osteotomies with bilateral sagittal and oblique sliding vertical ramus are a comprehensive surgical plan to restore the facial symmetry and normal occlusion. The Mandibular osteotomies are the treatment of choice in such cases. A new modified inert alloplastic acrylic subperiosteal implantsbeen used in 8 patients, to restore the facial symmetry an alternativeto mandibular osteotomeis, in post traumatic condylar Hyperplasia patients. The acrylic implantswere used for patients whowere medically contraindicated to mandibular osteotomies or for patients whom refused such surgery.