Compared Study to Physical Self-Concept among Female Employees and Housewives Aged 30-35 Years Old pregnant


The aims of study is- To know the individual Differencesin Physical Self-Worth Concept among Female EmployeesFrom UniversitThe hypothesis of study is- There are Statistical differences between Female Employees and housewives pregnant women aged 30-35 yearsThe research sample included (12) pregnant women (6) pregnant female employees from university of Baghdad in colleges (Education for Girls –Science- Media) and (6) of pregnant housewives from Al –Hosseinieh CityThe researcher has used the descriptive method as it suite the nature and problems of research. Also used physical self-concept measure which designed by Mohammad Hassan Allawi as tool to Achievement the research aim. Furthermore she had used the important resources and references in this field. After the statistical, the researcher has concluded that:- There are an active relationship between physical self-concept and pregnant employees.According to these results, researcher has recommended.- Attention to the strengthening of physical self-concept through psychological preparation programs for pregnant women before and during pregnancy- Encouraging women to work as an influential factor in the integration and enhancement of character for physical self-concept- Conducting many studies about women during pregnancy to identify the physical, mental, physical, physiological changes of the a pregnanty of Baghdad and housewives pregnant from Al –Hosseinieh City