Biochemical Characterization of Protease and Its Impact By Nano Particles in Sera of Iraqi Patients with Burns


Proteases have great medical and pharmaceutical importance due to their key role in biological processes and in the life-cycle of many pathogens. The present study aims to characterization of protease and evaluate their impact by Gold Nano Particles and Nickel Nano Particles. A total of 30 patients with burn and 25 healthy individual with matches were included in this study. Gold nanoparticle and nickel nanoparticle were prepared using Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid method .The activity of serum protease was determined using casein as substrate. The results indicated increased protease activity in sera of burn patients and inhibition effects of both gold and nickel nanoparticles on protease activity. Thermodynamically favorability of the reaction can depend on the temperature. We conclude that nanoparticles such as gold and nickel can be used as treatment of burns through their role in homeostasis due to their inhibition impact on protease activity.