Biophysical effect for electromagnetic radiation on some blood factors of Swiss albino Female mice


This research aims to find the biophysical effect of electromagnetic radiation on some blood parameters such as packed cell volume (PCV), total and differential leukocytes count and their relationship with changes in power density using microwatt per centimeter (μW/ cm2 ). Twenty white female mice were used. The first group was consider as control group. Second group was exposed to 100 μW/ cm2, third group was exposed to 150 μW/cm2 and forth group was exposed to 200 μW/cm2. All groups were exposed to 5 GHz at period 6 hour for 45 days. The results revalued significant (P˂0.05) decrease in in PCV compared with total count increase in leukocyte count. Besides, there was a significant (P˂0.05) increase in lymphocytes count with decrease in Neutrophils and Monocytes count. Also, decrease in Monocytes and Basophils percentage at 100 μW/cm2 with significant (P˂0.05) increase at doses 150 and 200 μW/cm2