Fast And Secure Image Encryption System For Real Time Applications And Mobile Communications


The strength of image encryption systems are depending on confusion (change the pixel position ) and diffusion(change the pixel value) and most of researchers separate these operations and perform these in cascading form with different algorithms, so there are some drawbacks in this cryptosystem and may be cryptanalyzed soon. In this paper proposed image encryption system based on chaotic map due to special properties of chaotic theory, such as pseudo-randomness, no periodicity and sensitivity to initial conditions. The two operations confusion-diffusion are processed in same loop based on two dimension chaotic standard map with different secret keys. Experimental results show that the proposed scheme has high security and computationally secure , it withstands different types of attacks such as statistical attack, differential attack and brute force attack and the processing time of encryption is high (0.29 second) which is suitable for mobile communication and real time applications