Electrophysiological Study in Patients of Coronary Artery and Asymptomatic Peripheral Arterial Disease


Atherosclerosis remains one of the major causes of death and premature disability in developed countries.It is a chronic inflammatory disease which may cause obstructions of the coronary, cerebral and peripheral arteries.The goal of this study to establish association between ankle brachial index(ABI) and nerve conduction study (NCS) with extent of coronary artery disease.Seventy eight patients (39 malesand 39 females)were studied. Seventy eight healthy volunteers match in age and sex were enrolled and accepted as a control group, the age distribution for study group ranged from (45-75 years).All patients were admitted to our hospital for elective coronary angiography with no symptoms of peripheral arterial disease and negative history of diabetic mellitus. For all patients and control the ankle brachial index(ABI) was measured and biochemical assessment (lipid profile) finally the electrophysiological test of the lower limbs peripheral nerve (Motor and Sensory) wasdone in the electrophysiological department. This study concluded that there is an association between ABI and NCS of lower limbs in patients with coronary and asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease, 41 % of patient with CAD was found to have asymptomatic peronealmononeuropathy.