Thermodynamic and kinetic studies for the interaction of cephalexin with albumin


This work aim to get information about the binding of cephalexin(antibiotics) with albumin, and the influence of the solvent polarity and ionic strength on it by using UV-visb spectrophotometric measurements in phosphate buffer solution pH (7.4), and at three different temperatures, (290, 300, 310)K .The UV absorption shows a change and a shift in the absorbency and a shift in albumin and cephalexin peaks, the two changes are indicative of complex formation. The stoichiometry of the interaction were calculated by the method of continuous variations which was1:1at pH 7.4.The equilibrium constant was calculated at three different temperature (290,300,310)K and the thermodynamic parameter such as ∆G, ∆H and ∆S also calculated. The kinetic studies for this interaction follows first order equation with a rat constant value of 13.8×10-4 min-1.