The Role of globalization in changing the social values A field study of a sample of student in Collage of Kalar


The research aims at identifying the extend of the effect of Globalization on the social values and how it changes them negatively in the social construction of the society. The research also deals with the mechanisms of the globalization and its social reflects on the values system of the society. It consists of three chapters and each one contains three sections, In the first chapter, the researcher studies the theoretical frame of the study including the scientific concepts. The second chapter deals with the reflects of removing Globalization on the society . The field aspect of the study is in chapter three and there is a main hypothesis and three secondary hypotheses in it. The main hypothesis as well the three secondary ones is achieved. The sample includes hundred (100) students of both male and female sex of the college of Education – Kalar and the study of the sample was arbitrary . The research then discusses the hypotheses of the study and the results of it. Finally the researcher ends the study with some recommendations, suggestions and the bibliography of the research.