The Role of Agricultural Officers in Pursuance Extensional Actives in Kirkuk Province and Its Relationship With Some Factors.


The present study aims at identifying and valuing the role of agricultural agents in Kirkuk province in performing agricultural extension activities. The study is devoted to finding the relationship between the agents and the surrounding variables such as (age, education, agriculture specialty, employment period, sex, sources of agricultural information, interest in agricultural guidance). It attempts to identify the problems the agents encounter in performing the extension activities. To achieve its objectives the study will depend on a questionnaire and data collection test. The test included (50%) of the agricultural agents in Kirkuk province. It was applied to (106) agents who were chosen in a random method. The test was based on questionnaire and data collection which was divided into three parts:-the first part of the test is devoted to data collection the second part deals with conducting the extension activities while the third explores the main problems and issues that encounter the agents. The study showed that the role of the agriculture employees is of an average rate that can tend to raise if the relation between them and the variables is interactive. It also proved that there is no gender discrimination in agricultural extension. Through the course of study, many of the problems that encounter the agricultural agents have been identified in Kirkuk province. The study recommends that the extension activities must be distributed according to specialty.