Sustainable development concept and elements and dimensions


As a result of the attempt to link the human dimensions and the environment in the development process , it has become a growing interest in so-called sustainable development , which aims to find a balance between the economic system without the depletion of natural resources , taking into account environmental security since there dimension of human sustainable development inherent to the environmental dimension has become this generations responsible for the conservation of natural resources for future generations . So attention must be paid to the environment as the basis for development waste and drain natural and human resources which are the basis for any agricultural activity or artificial will have harmful effects on development in general . The concept of sustainable development emerged as a result of the neglect of the development of the environmental aspects , it was necessary to find a philosophy of new development will help to overcome the problems , and resulted in international efforts for a new concept of development , known as the ( sustainable development ) and this concept has been crystallized for the first time in the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development , which holds the title of our common future and common future our first published in 1987