Design of a Kinematic Neural Controller for Mobile Robots based on Enhanced Hybrid Firefly-Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm


The paper present design of a control structure that enables integration of a Kinematic neural controller for trajectory tracking of a nonholonomic differential two wheeled mobile robot, then proposes a Kinematic neural controller to direct a National Instrument mobile robot (NI Mobile Robot). The controller is to make the actual velocity of the wheeled mobile robot close the required velocity by guarantees that the trajectory tracking mean squire error converges at minimum tracking error. The proposed tracking control system consists of two layers; The first layer is a multi-layer perceptron neural network system that controls the mobile robot to track the required path , The second layer is an optimization layer ,which is implemented based on hybrid Crossoved Firefly Algorithm with Artificial Bee Colony (CFA-ABC) to tune the controller's parameters to achieve the optimal path. The performance of the hybrid optimization algorithm is verified by various benchmark functions. The simulation results show that the utilizing of CFA and (CFA-ABC ) are better than the original Firefly Algorithm. A simulation example is given to indicate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm, the results have been done using MATLAB (R2013b), and all trajectory tracking results with two reference trajectories (circular and lemniscates ) are presented.