Numerical Investigation in a Circular Tube To Enhance Turbulent Heat Transfer Using Opened Rings -Triangular Cross Section


In this study; heat transfer and thermal performance characteristics are numerically investigated in a steel tube of 50 cm long , outside diameter of 60 mm and inside diameter of 30 mm with constant outside surface temperature of 1000, 1200 and 1400 Ko. The renormalization group k-ε model is used to simulate turbulence in ANSYS - FLUENT 14.5. The opened ribs assembly (5x5 mm triangular cross section) were fitted in the tube and separated by 8cm pitch. Results of temperature and velocity distribution along the tube center line for the case of tube with internal ribs were compared with that of plain tube , these results show that the use of internal ribs enhance the heat transfer rate and found to possess the highest performance factors for turbulent flow.