The Causality Relationship between Human Capital and the Economic Growth for Iraq and Number of Neighbor Countries for the Period


The accumulation human capital considered the base in raise productivity and levels of investment and savings and consumption,and improving human life , Through invetion and manufacture of new products and actively participate in economic growth whether present or future generations, and active participation in economic development , The study based on the theories framework in the basic role of Education and Training and its important role of the gross domestic product (GDP), This research trys to study the relationship between human capital and the economic growth among Iraq and number of neighbor countries for the period of (1970-2010), then we test the data for average study years as indicate for human capital that will be as expected effect on economic growth, Firstly measured vertical auto regression for definitive the value effect among the variables and Secondly, be test Granger Causality to find out the tread of relationship between variables model, those will grow up on causality reason, byused eviews program, the research provides that small significant positive impact of human capital on economic growth for all equation for the sample. Furthermore the test of Granger Causality shows that unidirectional effect from human capital to gross domestic product for Kuwait data, but other data shows unidirectional effect from gross domestic product to human capital for all equation for the sample,And Incraising the efficiency of labor and production capacity, and conditioning training systems to create employment able to work and achieve technological progress.