The impact of the security Variables on the costs of investment in the province of Anbar


One of the main challenges facing economists and decision-makers in the Anbar province to reorganize the economy and rebuild what has been destroyed by war and economic policies both President is the first step or the first step. And there backwardness in key sectors sectors such as the agricultural and industrial sector and there destroy the infrastructure as a result of the war and before the disruption in production and high rates of unemployment and inequality in the distribution of income and wealth among individuals and the spread of poverty among members of the community and the deterioration of living conditions of the population and environmental degradation, and these reasons are considered the main reasons for the deterioration of the security situation, and above the absence of the key elements of the macroeconomic policies of fiscal policy, monetary and trade and other due to the absence of role working for the government in the management of economic activity or influence it as well as non-confidence in the future. these conditions have negatively affected the investment costs, which led to investors' fear of investment in the province and instability, as well as when it comes investor does not know who he trusts and knows who runs the economy and has the right to dispose of resources have came the war on everything did not destroy the war infrastructure, which means the capital community, such as schools and hospitals, roads and bridges dams and airports but destroyed structures metadata and intended to legislation and regulations and laws and the larger framework is her state institutions that were governing infrastructure and who did not destroy the war directly, but ravaged hands malicious ignorant through looting, arson and smuggling abroad. We have migrated wealth generally achieved over several decades to some countries, have gone because of the wars. The process of reform and the return of capital through investment, but unexpected costs and high. And will be addressed in this research where this research included three sections. The first topic dealt with the concept and importance of investment types, and the second part dealt with the security situation and its causes on Iraq in general and the province of Anbar, in particular, either the third section has dealt with the analysis of the reality of Anbar province and the impact of the security situation on the investment costs