Factors Influencing the Establishment of Investment Portfolios ((Analytical Research in a number of Private Banks in Baghdad))


The investment portfolio of financial instruments & banking relatively new in the banking sector & the world of investment &capital markets in spite of its importance & its advantages in terms of the nature of the diversity of investment instruments as well as reduce the risk of investment & its contribution to the revitalization of the banks & the financial market , economic, &characterized by developments accelerated under information & communications technology , as is the portfolio tool vehicle of investment tools that provide for people who want to invest & they can not manage their investments directly involved in the financial markets through the investors collect their savings & management according to the strategy & specific investment objectives to achieve the advantages of an investment can not be achieved individually in light of the resources available. Often the nature of the financial assets in the investment portfolio are determined by the objectives , especially as the multiplicity & diversity of investment portfolios in light of the components leads to diversity objectives to meet the goals or more of the objectives of investors , & aims always employ the funds in investment portfolios to achieve the greatest return.The lowest degree of risk during the period of time specified & for him the most important goal for the management of the portfolio is the balance between return & risk as well as meet the requirements of investors as it differs Activity portfolio depending on their goals , for example, interest in achieving optimal investment of the financial resources available tools investment long , short, or to achieve the increase in income & capital or revenue only capital development in the long term & invest in high-risk activities. In light of the increasing importance of investment portfolios as investment Head of activating the work of private banks & increase its contribution to the stock market & the need to provide the requirements of working out , attention is required to measure & analyze the reality of private banks in Baghdad to see how their ability to adopt the business philosophy portfolio investment as economic activity banker Mali, especially & private banks bear a significant part of the burden in providing the key pillars to begin to adopt a strategy of investment portfolios .