A study Compared to varying distances from sprint to approximate some biomechanical variables for accuracy of performance skill Shooting jumping fore Handball


The performance of the skill of the correction of jumping skills important and difficult, especially in the case of a player defender impedes the movement of the player attacker must be on the player when the correction to be facing the net to allow him the freedom to correction and this requires the performance of the skill with high accuracy at the correction as long as coupled with the speed must be the focus during the performance skill in order to achieve the desired goal, which injury or score a goal in the net, which is the essence of the offensive operation.The study aimed to: 1 - Identify the values of some biomechanical variables of the player and the ball at the performance of the skill correction jumping fore handball and distances varying among a sample search. 2 - To identify the differences in the values of certain variables of the biomechanical performance of the skill and the skill of the ball when performing correction jumping fore handball distances between disparate among a sample search. 3 - to identify the accuracy of performance skills distances disparate skill when performing correction jumping fore handball among a sample search.I have used the descriptive manner Survey solve the problem of search and included a sample of some of the players club The South Oil handball 2013-2014 m and totaling (6) players, the researcher designed and rationing test of the accuracy of performance skill correction jumping fore were created transactions scientific test, was conducted experience key to search on 7 - 04.2014 AD for two days at seven pm and the hall closed for club The South Oil sports in the province of Basra, were used video camera during the experiment and also use your program analyze mathematical skills (Dart fish) to extract the variables biomechanical, and after processing the data to a computer according to the statistical program SPSS Ver. 10, was reached a set of conclusions, including:1 - show that the variable speed approaching the time of payment and a variable speed and variable outcome of the player and a variable-speed variable vertical and horizontal speed and variable speed of the ball and variable kinetic energy of the ball was the third largest in the distance than it is in distance I and II. 2 - The lack of significant differences among a sample search on the following variables [the length of the last step (III), angle of landing on the ground in the last step, the advancement of angle, angular velocity of the player, precision index / time] they are not made apparent differencesThe main recommendations are: In light of the findings the researcher recommends the following: - 1 - emphasis on the fundamentals of mechanical skill when performing correction jumping fore. 2 - emphasis on the use of exercises, especially the performance of the skill of jumping fore correction.