Numerical indicators to determine some physical tests for players Specialized schools volleyball


In order to reach these achievements, it motivates us to use all the sports science and work to be harnessed. The tests and themeasurement is only one of these sciences that operate on the knowledge level of the player and reveal weaknesses and work on them as well as find ways and working to improve its level and make the coach is able to assess the success of the training curriculum and measure the extent of its development. The existence of standards and levels of standard contributes There is no doubt in the definition of the individual laboratory level for the real performance because it reflects the current level for him, as well as the location for the others when comparing periods which they are testing and standards and descriptive patterns exist from the performance, it tells us how the actual performance of individuals and importance lies as one means of comparison and evaluation, as well as its usefulness in predicting and in the diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses and standards are important when using test kits multi-standard units (battery test), where the mission here Standardization. As the levels they include realistic levels reflect what we want to be reached by the individual in the attribute or was the importance of the research lies in reaching the standards and levels of fitness tests for players schools specialized in volleyball enables coaches to identify the level achieved by their players and thus the possibility of raising the level of physical athletes. As the research problem and generated the fact that the researcher player Volleyball and worked as coach of the sports teams for a period of long and a specialist in the field of training in volleyball has observed that there is a dearth of standards for testing the physical fitness of young players in volleyball and lack booklet contains these standards have trained Fimakant goals of research is to identify the level of fitness of the young players in volleyball in the southern region And create standard grades of fitness tests for young players in volleyball. The researcher used the descriptive manner survey of its relevance to the nature of the study as the surveys (mean considering the present situation more deeply with the researcher to provide detailed information and analytical) ().The community and the research sample: young volleyball players for the Southern District totaling 80 players from each school in Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar and Muthanna by 20 players from each of the original community.Azkant results represented a table (2) Alentij was so clear and understandable Bosaddaragm grades by converting raw scores to standard. The researcher found the most important to the following conclusions. 1-scores were obtained for the standard fitness tests for young players in volleyball -grading standard reached by the researcher represents the true level of players The recommendations were the 1-adoption of the standard grades reached researcher2-a similar study 3-conduct a study similar to the tests of skill4-Generation Guide degrees standard to be the standard for coaches in training Alhadd