The impact of small preparatory part in the psychological development of fluency games and learn the skill of handling above shoulder level Hand Reel


The current research aims to detect the effect of small toys to learn the skill of handling from above the level of the shoulder in a game of handball and the development of case fluency psychological among students in second grade average, the researcher used the experimental method in a manner groups equal, and the sample consisted of 20 students and by (10 students) in each group, and through the lottery was named groups to represent one of the experimental group, a group (b) The Group (a) represents the control group, were to achieve parity between the two groups in the variables (height, weight, age) as well as achieving parity between them in skill (under study) and the level of state Fluency their psychological, were used hamu Baslob small games with students of the experimental group but with the control group Vtm use a method hamu used for physical education lesson, and took the experiment (3) weeks and by two units elite educational per week for each group and adult number (6) an educational plan, and the plan was time educational one (40) minutes, was to start the implementation of the experiment 03/07/2014 until 03/25/2014. The researcher used the following statistical methods: the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, simple correlation coefficient (Pearson), t-test for two samples and associated averages equal, t-test for the averages and is linked to two samples equal. After analyzing the data statistically researcher reached the following two conclusions: - The warm up small toys had a clear role in learning a skill (under study) for students of the experimental group. - The impact of small games does not differ significantly from the impact of the prescriptive method (traditional) in the case of fluency psychological development of students.