Patterns of the self evaluation and its relationship to the accurate performance of the university team in the volley ball smash hitting and repelling wall skills


Research summery The importance of the research latent on the identify the special style of the player according to him estimation for himself and him estimation for the others. by this estimation; the player can evaluate himself and the others ,so ; the players will feel on the value of themselves, and for that; the estimation of themselves will be raised .that the student of the collage need to the permanent feeling of that themselves are the importance members in them community through them vocational works and them feeling themselves value. The research aims to :1- identifying the evaluation of the self and its relation on the smash hitting for the volley ball team of the Diyala university .regarding the 2nd section ,included of the theoretical and the similar studies which related to the research subject. The 3rd section included of the research sample which contained of the research real community that the researcher apply the most of his works in order to do the steps of the research and implement it scientifically ,that it has been tested the sample of the research which represent the team of the volley ball of Diyala university which totaling of 12 players for the studying season 2013-2014,and the election of the sample was intentionally and after the rejection of 6 of the players whom applied on them the exploratory experiment . Regarding the 4th section; the results has been processed statistically. The important conclusions: was 1- the evaluation of the self for the volley ball players team of the Diyala university, didn’t give positive dimension in the testing of the smash hitting and the repelling wall .2- there isn’t positive correlation to evaluate the self between the players.3- the lack of the statically significant differences in the evaluation of the self and the level of the skill performance for the volleyball smash hitting and repelling wall