Using of ovine small intestinal submucosa for repairing experimental defect of Achilles tendon in indigenous dogs


The present study was done on twelve adult local breed dogs of both sexes to detect the effect of ovine small intestinal submucosa for repairing the Achilles tendon defect in dog; they were divided randomly into two equal groups. First group: induce acute transverse cut at mid shift of Achilles tendon then the defect of tendon was sutured with far-near-near-far suture technique to approximate the cut ends and this group was considered as a control group. Second group: Same manners of first group were considered except the site of operation wrapped completely with ovine small intestinal submucosa which prepared mechanically. All cases were detected clinically, grossly and histopathologically at different periods (15,30and60) days. The results showed no local infection or wound dehiscence at the site of operation. Macroscopically there were no adhesion between the Achilles tendon and surrounding tissue and absorption of ovine small intestinal submucosa layer around the site of operation and achieved a thin and complete healing of two incisional tendon ends. Histopathologically there were regular tensile collagen fibers, prominent vertical capillaries and moderate fibroblast distribution and attached with tendon fiber, there is organization and absorption of most of the graft tissue with absence of inflammatory reaction in treatment group compare with control group during detection time