Entrepreneurship Organizations In the framework of strategic leadership practices Field research in the Ministry of Oil))


The labeled research deal with (Entrepreneurship Organizations In the framework of strategic leadership practices: Field research in the Ministry of Oil), Search over the possibility of the influence of the practices of strategic leadership Which include(Determine the strategic direction, The discovery of the fundamental estimators and maintain it, The development of the human capital, and Maintaining of an organizational culture influential, and Find a balanced regulatory Control) In a Entrepreneurship in its dimensions and its (innovation, risk, pre-emptive and independence) On group of heads of departments and authorities in (Oil Projects Company).Research sought to achieve a set of goals, including the diagnosis of the role played by the leadership of the company in the excitability of all the capabilities and capacity to reach the Entrepreneurship in enabling the organization reach its goals.It also started the research problem of the reality of the company because of the weakness in the work of strategic leadership in the company researched, And the great need to give more interest and effort from the entrepreneurial work . It was a component of the overall Research (Director of the Board, Director of department, Project Manager) and numbered (74) members now number questionnaires were returned (66) questionnaire which included (45), items, And which have undergone to the statistical Analyzed using the program ( SPSS).The Research based to a group of hypotheses to check the level of the relationship and the influence of the dimensions of the practices of strategic leadership in dimensions of entrepreneurship and, which proved true after test research hypotheses, The research methods of descriptive statistics (The arithmetic mean, standard deviation, …) in determining the strength of the research variables and methods of inferential statistics such as (Spearman correlation coefficient) to test its hypotheses, The supposed model was built to research included the independent variable and the dependent variable and the Sub dimensions of them, And the research reached to a set of conclusions the most important: The field results of the research showed.The results of statistical analysis recorded that all the Association relationships and the influence in the Practice of strategic leadership In the pioneering was positive relation and with incorporeal denote, Which reoffering to the role of the strategic leadership by the Entrepreneurship investigation in the researcher company.Also the researcher collection of recommendations such as: The necessity of encouraging The spirit of innovition of the worker by putting a criteria Take into account the creative works of them to Promoted them to senior positions and work to enhance the proactive side in the work of company to avoid problems and get the benefit of all what’s new locally and globally