Safe Handling Knowledge and Practices of Chemotherapy among Oncology Nurses in Erbil City


Background: Widespread use of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer has lead to higher health hazards among nurses who handle and administer such drugs, so theyshould know how to protect themselves from effects of chemotherapy. Objective of study was to assess knowledge and practicesof nurses for safe handling chemotherapy in Erbil City.Methodology:A cross sectional study design was undertaken on 27 nurses in oncology units in Erbil City in 2015, to collect the data, patients who met the inclusion criteria were selected and questionnaires were filled through interviewing in 20 minutes. The questionnaire including demographic information and safe handling chemotherapy knowledge and practices and barriers of personal protective equipment. data were analysis by descriptive and inferential statisticsResults: The total mean score of knowledge and practices of safe handling chemotherapy was 15.59±1.96, 8.74+1.78 respectively and more than two to third of nurses had no knowledge that chemotherapy enter the body through contaminated foods, about practices more than three quarter no change of personnel protective barriers after contact with chemotherapy . Result of this study showed that was significant negative association between knowledge and practices (r=-0.469, p=0.014). Moreover, It is showed that significant negative association between practices and barriers (r = 0. 475; P = 0. 012).Conclusion: Most of the study sample had fair knowledge and practices of safe handling chemotherapy.Recommendation: Chemotherapy Safety protocol should be instituted for all oncology nurses who are working in oncology unit.