Assessment of Nurse Manager Performance of Staffing In Middle Euphrates Governorates Hospitals.


Objective(s): The objective of the study to assess the nurse manager performance of planning in hospitals. Methodology: A descriptive study was carried out to determine the quality of nurse manager role performance of staffing in middle Euphrates governorates hospitals. Non-probability sampling was performed. Convenient sampling of (62) nurse manager was selected from the middle Euphrates governorates hospitals. The study was conducted for the period of 2nd June, 2013 through 30th June, 2013. Through extensive review of relevant literature, a questionnaire was constructed for the purpose of the study. A pilot study is conducted in order to determine the reliability of the study instrument which was used for measuring the determination of quality of nurse manager administrative role performance in middle Euphrates governorates hospitals. Data were analyzed through the application of the descriptive statistical data analysis approach (frequency, percentage, mean) and inferential statistical data analysis approach (t-test, person correlation coefficient, stepwise logistic multiple regression, Spearman-Brown, chi-square).Results The findings of the study indicated that through the course of data analysis more than one half of the study sample are from Babylon governorate, the most hospitals are distributed in the city center rather than in the city side or in rural areas, the males nurses are more attend to working as an administrative nurse than the female nurses, the study sample responses to overall evaluation for the majority of the administrative nurse managers' role and duties is highly significant, study subject's responses to the basic components to determine the quality of management performance staffing are at all items a non-significant correlation between the basic components to determine quality of management performance staffing and the different demographic data at p-value more than 0.05. Conclusion: The study concludes that the nurse managers have a good opportunity to continue their education, because they are to the top working side by management, The nurse managers have a good level of performance relative to their managerial roles and duties, and Working as managers in teaching hospital increases their knowledge about the staffing function determine the quality of nurse manager performance.Recommendations: The study recommended that the Further studies should be conducted to involve a larger geographical area in Iraq, apply a continuing education courses for the nurse managers to increase their knowledge and performance about the managerial roles and duties especially in the non-teaching hospitals, and Management courses should be developed and improved to increase students' managerial knowledge and performance.