Attacks against doctors and health landlords in an emergency Baghdad Teaching Hospital lobby and its impact in the marketing of health service


Iraq has seen after the change to the 2003 wave of violence because of the chaos that occurred in the country and brought about political change and weak law enforcement and a wave of terrorism that targeted the country, which led to frequent assaults on doctors and health staff in Iraqi hospitals, especially in the halls of emergency, due to increased incidence of infections had settled in the halls emergency hospitals because of the bombings and criminal violence that has gripped Iraq around since (12 years), so this research on the study of these attacks and find out the real causes and ways to address them, and know the extent of their impact in the marketing of health service provided by Iraqi hospitals focus has chose researcher Baghdad Teaching Hospital for the application of research, has got a special search of sections census and administrative affairs of the data in the hospital in question, it has been the follow-up statistics of accidents for the period from 2007 until 2013 and the analysis of causes and was the most prominent of those reasons limited culture of the community, and the state of emotional and psychological pressures of the escorts for patients emergency, as well as lack of feeling accompanying the existence of legal protection for physician health and landlords, but does not have a real role of the elements of the hospital to protect noting enter some accompanying personal with their weapons (especially military of them), and that all previous cases that have occurred are not taken punitive action against the perpetrators, which encourage the other two on the repetition of such attacks and express their emotions illegally and without any deterrent, as well as the few doctors who are in the emergency lobby experience and the lack of specialist doctors or residents of two senior, and often exists only doctors periodic and untrained to crisis situations and disasters, as well as the large number of security events, explosions and the resulting loss of life increases the pressure on the corridors of the emergency, which makes the working groups in those corridors is able to respond to all requests for people with high quality, which is lead to the creation of the problems and the incidence of attacks against doctors and health landlords in the hospital lobby, as well as explored Researcher sample of doctors author's views of (25), a doctor and the doctor and nurses made up of 15 nurses working in the emergency hospital lounge surveyed during the period of research to know about the impact of such attacks in the marketing of health services by the hospital under study was done under the questionnaire form designed for this purpose, it has been recommended to search a number of recommendations include the need to increase the culture of the community through the media and private health channel and seminars through religious and tribal councils and local councils to illustrate the humanitarian role provided by doctors and health workers in community service, as well as to increase the culture of doctor and make it able to interact with citizens and to contain the crisis by admitted training courses to enable them to deal with various humanitarian cases, as well as the activation of the protection of doctors and make it effective the law, as well as the activation code number (404) and the judge to prevent the entry of military forces health institutions along with their weapons, as well as increasing interest in hospital administration providing all the hardware, supplies and life-saving drugs, and in quantities sufficient to emergency situations, and the need to oblige all specialists doctors and residents of the senior presence in the corridors of the emergency by Alkhvarat and schedules of such lounges, and the need for the management of the hospital to provide a sufficient number of medical and health staffs feminism in emergency lobby and all hours of the day