Choices of Bachelor students towards The Arabic and Islamic civilization course subjects in Middle East University


The study of Arabic and Islamic civilization considers the true study for Islamic history and also for the Arab and Islam history that represents the civilization of this Nation in all fields of life . Mostef our universities in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in general and the Middle East University specially took care and following for such field.This study points to acknowledge of the “thes tudents of Middle East University’s destinations towards the way of Arabic and Islamic civilization. To achieve the goal of the study the two researchers used the comparison and descriptive approach, where we made a poll consisting 20 paragraphs and then distributed on the study sample that consisted 75 students of both males and females and then we proofed of it`s honesty and faithfulness, After studying the samples, the study showed that there were not differences with statistical direction for the Bachelor students towards the subjects of the Arabic and Islamic civilization.