The Effect of Omeprazol in the Treatment of LaryngealManifestations of Gastro-oesophageal Reflux


Background: Reflux laryngitis has gain a lot of attention in the last three decades as
a possible explanation of idiopathic laryngeal problems.Acid suppressive therapy can
be of use in both the therapeutic and the diagnostic fields.The use of Omeprazole has
proved to be of benefit in the diagnosis and treatment of reflux laryngitis.The
response to 12weeks course of Omeprazole is considered by many authors to be one
of the diagnostic tooles of reflux laryngitis.
Aim: Is to study the effect of Omeprazole in the treatment of laryngeal
manifestations of gastro-oesophageal reflux
Patients and methods: This is a prospective study of 37 patients attending Al-
kadhimiyah teaching hospital,department of otolalyngology during the period from
April 2005 to April 2006,complaining of symptoms suggestive of reflux
laryngitis.The chief compliant of each patient was taken as a reference for the
improvment.Complete clinical examination was done for each patient as well as
videolaryngoscopy.Oesophagogastroscope was done at the department of
According to the findings seen in those patients,a course of Omeprazole 20mg bid
was given for 12 weeks.Re-examenation including videolaryngoscopy was done at
weeks of treatment.Oesophago-
gastroscopy was repeated at 12th
week of treatment.
Resultst: There was symptomatic improvement in the chief complaint and
improvement in the videolaryngoscopic findings in 29patients(78.38%)at the end of
treatment course with omeprazole.
Conclusion: We found that Omeprazole is effective in producing symptomatic relief
in the chief complaint in 78.38% of patients at the end of treatment course.