Assessment of Health Promotion Behavior Student's Teenage in Baghdad City


Objectives: The present study aims to assess health promotion behavior of teenage students in Baghdad city and to identify the relationship between students healthy behavior and some characteristics , such as : age, gender , level of education .Methodology:A descriptive study is carried out from February 4th (2012) to May 5th (2012), Non probability (purposive) sample of (100) teenage students are selected from the intermediate and secondary school in Baghdad city. The data are collected through the use of constructed questionnaire, which consists of seven parts. The analysis of data was preformed through the application of descriptive statistic (frequency, percentage)Results: The findings of the study indicate that thefindings of the study indicate that the teenage demographic characteristics has depicted that half of them are age group of (16-18) years (50%) of the sample have acquired better level of knowledge the Nutrition and its patterns and exposure to persecution (30%) , and male more than female in the study sample (60%) have Psychological and mental was more positive answer for boys by (68%) than Girls .Regarding to their education , almost (22%) of them are his forth class in secondary school graduates have better level of knowledge with regard to all domains of health The promoting behaviors.Conclusions: study concluded that there is a (Sexual behavior) respondent's domain is the best, then followed by (Dietary patterns), (Exposure to persecution) all these domains are pass Recommendations: The study recommended that all teenagers should take into account the promotion of health behaviors in school. There must be a lesson for Health Education in the science class, or the allocation of a few minutes to explain the importance of healthy behaviors within the prescribed curriculum.