من أحاديث فضل كفالة اليتيم في الكتب الستة دراسة وتحليل


Necessarily, people ought to know the grace and kindness of guaranteeing orphan. Consequently, I prefer that my topic be titled (Guaranteeing Orphan Hadiths in the Sixth Books, Analytical Study). The favour of guaranteeing orphan is mentioned many times and in different verses by Almighty Allah to warn people of looking at them in merciful eyes away of oppressing them. Additionally, many Hadiths urge people to care for orphan showing the profit of such act is paradise. This paper is divided into introduction which carries the reason of choosing this topic and four sections with conclusion. The first section deals with the term of (bail or guarantee) linguistically as a first item. Term two shows linguistically and idiomatically the term orphan. Section two is concerned with the grace of the orphan's supporter. Section three deals with the reward of those who guarantee orphan. Section four urges people to do favour and generosity which is consisted of two items. Item one states the importance of doing charity for orphan. To be generous with orphan is the main subject of the second item.To conclude, this paper shows the results and findings of this topic in form of points:1-The guarantee or bail means to guarantee a person and how to support him, this is from language viewpoint. 2-Linguistically, the orphan means everything which is alone without counterpart. Idiomatically, means one that lost his father in urgent need till the age of maturity.3-The superiority of the orphan because this person lost his parent's upbringing.4-To guarantee the orphan is to be rewarded as the companion of Prophet (May Blessing of God be upon Him) in Paradise. 5-The mother is the first one who sacrifices her age for the sake of the orphan.6-The charity to the orphan is one of the good deeds which is appreciated and liked by Almighty Allah.7-To treat the orphan generously should come out of kindness, mercy, and supporting them.8-Feeding orphan must be from what the supporter eats and drinks.9-It is necessary to make the orphan feel that he is one of the family.10-Feeding orphan is one of the obligatory duties that urge by Almighty Allah and his Prophet (May Blessing of God be upon Him).