The Study of some influencing factors in a disease diabetes mellitus in Basra.


Diabetes is a chronic disease that continues with the individual over his life, which affects not only a member or part of the body but affects and negatively affect all members of the body beginning of the skin and the bone ends. Through all the tissues and organs of the heart and blood vessels. It also affects the patient or his family economically.The diabetes and its complications a big problem from the health, social and economic worthwhile is increasingly widespread day after day, and its relationship to the progress of civilization are positively correlated Unlike many of the diseases that scientific progress was able to reduce them, but on some of them are totally eliminated.Has been taking the sample from the center of Endocrinology, Diabetes Hospital in Port-General in Basra for people living with disease, diabetes in 2012 and reached the sample (123) patients were relying in this sample some of the factors that affect directly or indirectly in the incidence of diabetes and thisfactors are (the patient's age, sex of the patient, the patient's weight and length to extract the body mass index, marital status of the disease as well as the percentage of sugar in the blood of the patient, measured for three consecutive months).And that the lack of statistical studies on this disease and severity of the most important reasons that encouraged the study of statistical study. The results reflected a clear impact of obesity in diabetes disease and thus may have confirmed the statistical side of the medical opinion.