Investigate the Microbial Load and Types of Preservatives Yogurt Available In Local Market.


The aim of this study to investigate the microbial load and type of preservative for the types of yogurt available in the Iraqi market to ensure the safety of food provided to the consumer and protect through examining the types of yogurt from harmful bacteria as well as to contain ratios acceptable to yeasts and molds is to find out by comparing models curd careless Iraqi standard quality(ISQ) and see how they conform to these specifications have been collecting 12 brands of yoghurt types it was been (Kala, Activia 1, Activia 2, Mazia, Shelan, Aib, Mersin, Morsi, Al-Safi, Zabady, Zakho, Arbil). Bacteriological tests were conducted on samples of yogurt (total bacterial count, coliform count, counting yeasts and molds). The results showed that the total number of bacteria raised in the trademark (Kala) as total 33×510 cfu/g While the lowest number in the trademark (Mercy) as total 23×110 cfu/g .The highest number of coliform 2×310 cfu/g was in brand (Arbil), while the lowest number of these bacteria 6×110 cfu/g was in Mark (Mersin). In contrast there were no growth of this bacteria in the brand (Mercy) and (Al-Safi). The molds and yeast count were the highest 25×410 cfu/g in the brand (Mazia) ,while the lowest number of molds and yeasts in trademark (Mercy) as total 2×310 cfu/g. It was found that there were no preservative in all yogurt's samples by testing the presence of sodium benzoate.