The impact of using the skill of serving on the final results of the teams of Iraqi universities in Ping-Pong


The Ping-Pong is one of the most common sports, as it is healthy game and looks easy to be played with simple rules at first glance. But those who exercise it with carefullness and interest, it is clear to them that it needs a long-term exercise being in accordance with the rules and regulations related thereto. As practicing it without following those rules causes to lose its joy and deprive it from the signs of entertainment sought by players in the first place.The Ping-Pong is one of the games that do not play with a time limit, because the winner will be who gets three sets out of five rounds and each round has (11) points. As the modern Ping-Pong has with it a lot of qualities and movements that this simple research cannot include, i wanted to show one feature of the features and skills and that is the skill of serving. The importance of serving lies in being the beginning and the key to win and achieve victory and is considered very special and different in Ping-Pong and the advanced players depend on it so much in surprising the opponent and earn points. The serving sometimes causes the loss of players and in their victory as well. This research deals with the causes of failure in the serving because of its importance in determining the outcome of the players, and sometimes a failure in serving can be fateful in the rounds of the important games. The research aims to1. Identify the percentage of failed servings for the Ping-Pong players.2. Identify the relationship of the proportion of failed servings and the final results of the Ping-Pong players.