The effect of training with resistance rubber ropes in the length of the strike and its relationship with the completion of 50m butterfly swimmers aged (16-18 years)


The study aimed to identify the impact of training approach prepared by the researcher by using resistance rubber ropes and their impact on the length of strikes, as well as the completion of (50 m) butterfly swimming. One of the research objectives was to identify the differences in the two groups of the research. In order to achieve the research objectives, the researcher used the training approach to assist in reaching the research objectives with the equal groups method due to its suitability to the idea of the research and, consequently, the research sample was selected, who were the swimmers of Musayyib Sports Club for the season (2012 - 2013) of (9) swimmers selected intentionally been choosing (6) swimmers of them to be the research sample, who practice the butterfly swimming and their ages arranges from (16-18) years. The homogeneity between the research samples was confirmed as they were randomly divided into two groups, the experimental group which consists of three swimmers training on resistance rubber ropes, whereas the control group consists of three swimmers training at the prepared training approach by the coach without training rubber ropes. In order to adjust the research in terms of the variables and ensure the safety of equipment and tools, the researcher conducted three exploratory experiments and then the pretests were conducted. The training approach took (8) weeks after the end of the duration of the experiment, the post-tests were conducted in the same tests conditions in the pretests as the length of strikes and the time of achieving 50m butterfly swimming were measured and calculated by video recording. After analyzing the data, the researcher suggested: -1. The resistance rubber ropes worked on the development of resistance along the strikes.2. The resistance rubber ropes helped the swimmers to develop a complete (50 m) butterfly swimming, and so the research objectives were achieved.