Psychological hesitation according to the level of superstitious thinking and its impact in the performance of the jump horse in gymnastics among the students of the Faculty of Physical Education


The researchers conducted this research as a means to solve the problem of a large number of students having obvious weakness in the performance of gymnastics skills on a jump horse. In order to solve this problem, the researcher proposed that the psychological hesitation and superstitious thinking are causing this weakness, and that there was a direct correlation between psychological hesitation and fancy thinking and their relationship was counterproductive with achievement. To achieve the research objectives that aim to identify the level of both the superstitious thinking and psychological hesitation, and also to identify the impact of superstitious thinking in psychological hesitation among the students of the Faculty of Physical Education, University of Qadisiyah when performing the jumping skill groundbreaking on a jump horse. By using the descriptive approach with the survey method to a sample of (175) students from the third phase students in the Faculty of Physical Education - University of Qadisiyah, and for that the researchers used the previously prepared psychological hesitation scale and establishing the superstitious thinking scale, followed by the necessary building standards of scientific steps, and the end of these measures we had a measure of superstitious thinking consisting of (22) items and psychological hesitation scale of (51) items. The three levels of superstitious thinking were identified, which were (weak, medium and high) and after completion of the two scales, they were applied to the sample and data were statistically treated, and so the researchers reached to the conclusions, such as: the psychological hesitation for the performance skills on a jump horse got higher when the level of superstitious thinking was high and fall down when the superstitious thinking got down and the level of performance of gymnastics skills on a jump horse was adversely affected by increasing the level of psychological hesitation.