Compared to the level of mental toughness among the players clubs Najaf study (Premium-class youth) in my game handball, volleyball


abstaractThe importance of the study was came from of the importance of emotional intelligence Sports which play an important role for the success of educational life pertaining to sports academies and also by highlighting it as well as some basic volleyball skills, which the researcher choose it as a tool for their skill level scale, in addition to the foregoing is to show the role of this psychological trait that skills do not have adequate studies in the sports field, since the Physical Education is specialist field cannot be separate it from educational process, for that reason the researcher developed this study, considering that the importance of it is reality of this case because of previous studies that are helping professionals to determine the level of acquisition of large ability in developed skills in excess the students' stability and equilibrium through the level of athlete’s emotional intelligence, and used percentage, mean, standard deviation, median., coefficient torsion, simple correlation coefficient (Pearson), to extract the results, and concluded that the best basic skills level are the serve , top spin and down spin serve, and in our sample the level in of these three basic skills were at average level, and research recommended to work on development of educational programs in different styles and level, to get the best of the this assessment